Zeralda Family Resort

Zeralda Family Resort

Promenading Between Twin Villages

The masterplan proposal for a family resort complex in Zeralda Algeria concerns an area situated on the coastal hills of the Alboran Sea. The planned extension for the present day vacation compound is to include 200 residences with diverse amenities such as restaurants, cafés, shops, cyberspace, Aqua Park, thalassotherapy and a multi-function Village Hall for theatrical events, ceremonies, and banquets, both public and private.

The masterplan identifies four principle guidelines: preservation and exaltation of the native Maritime Pine groves through a well-balanced use of architectural elements; contemporary interpretations of the Mediterranean architectural vernacular which strongly characterizes the area; accentuation of the Algerian culture and housing traditions, and insurance of resident's security and privacy.

Key Facts

Client: The Algerian Ministry of National Defense
Location: Zeralda, Algeria
Year: 2014
Site Area: 90 ha
Services: Concept Design, Site Design
Zeralda Family Resort

The plan's characterizing elements found inspiration from the natural site topography; the new family resort, built as if a traditional village nestled on the hillside overlooking the sea, concentrates the buildings in a compact area, keeping generous open spaces. These “clearings”, organized along a "Promenade" path through the pine groves, are where the residents enjoy stationing and sharing in on public life.

The Promenade is contained between two squares; one is located at the foot of the hill. Acting as a hinge with the existing village, this plaza is the true entrance to the resort complex with its retail activities and services. Mediterranean citrus trees give character, shade and fragrance to this public place.

Zeralda Family Resort
Zeralda Family Resort

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