Baku Road Tunnels

Baku Road Tunnels

With a Little Bit of Pizzazz

The overall design represents simultaneous flowing waves, in harmony with the general unique spirit of Baku, a city that faces on the Caspian Sea. Inspirations drawn from the local traditional stone cladding guided the four new road tunnels finishing’s, interpreted to match the conception of a modern day city.

The challenge has been to depict an image using clean smooth lines and high-quality architectural details conducive to road design, making sure that the architectural elements cause no distraction to drivers. The colors employed, not affected by dust or cars exhausts, originate from Baku's natural environment and highlight the design concept.

Key Facts

Client: Akkord
With: Venice Design
Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
Year: 2012-2013
Services: Architectural Design, Civil Engineering, Project Management, Road Design

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