Genova Airport (GOA): Passenger Terminal Extension

Genova Airport (GOA): Passenger Terminal Extension

Refurbishment and extension of Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport in northern Italy

The project, part of an extraordinary program of urgent investment for the recovery and development of the port and related accessibility infrastructures, as well as the intermodal connection of the airport with the city, involves the construction of a new 5,500 sqm building that has been designed in continuity with the existing terminal. It comprises three functional levels and the restyling of the existing building with particular attention given to the check-in and boarding area. The new design will not only enable the airport to increase capacity in line with the expected passenger traffic, it will also improve operational efficiency and raising quality standards throughout the airport.

As design leaders, One Works works in close collaboration with AD-ET studio, who recently provided designs for a new baggage handling system at the airport. Working closely with the Client throughout the design phase, a number of solutions were identified in order to efficiently increase capacity and adapt the terminal from a functional and qualitative point of view, whilst considering existing constraints and the need to guarantee full operations during the works.

Following the decision to relocate the security control area to the new expansion volume significant reconfiguration of the landside departure hall was required. Combined with the choice to demolish and move the existing stairwell in the center of the hall has led to more optimized passenger flows and more available terminal space for other functions to improve the passenger experience.

The new designs will allow passengers to flow through the airport more easily with improved connections between the different levels. The introduction of a new nucleus of vertical connections with the airside terrace will be used by passengers waiting to board their flight and a connection with the baggage drop-off room on the ground floor with be designated for all arriving passengers through contact flights.

Key Facts

Client: Aeroporto di Genova S.p.A. (AGS)
With: AD-ET (BHS)
Location: Genova, Italy
Year: Ongoing
Floor Area: 5.500m2
Services: Architectural Design

The new terminal extensions will be characterized by rational geometries that underline the new identity of the airport while ensuring architectural integration with existing volumes. The external envelope made of large glazed surfaces, both on the airside and landside front, allows the interior spaces to be illuminated with natural light, improving their livability and increasing the level of comfort for both passengers and airport staff. In line with the firm's continuous study of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency goals, the design has moved towards covering materials and architectural finishes with a high content of recycled material and high technical performance.

Lastly, in order to drastically reduce the construction period with an expected build time of just 22 months, One Works proposed moving the existing underground utilities, whose construction site is currently nearing completion, preparatory to clearing the areas where the terminal expansion will be developed.

Genova Airport (GOA): Passenger Terminal Extension
Genova Airport (GOA): Passenger Terminal Extension

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