Gela Marina Development

Gela Marina Development

A Whole New World

Gela, situated on the southern coast of Sicily, lies in front of the islands of Malta and Lampedusa. The marina proposal foresees the construction of 500 berths and public yachting service facilities open also to Gela residents. The new Marina, therefore, represents a fundamental element for the regeneration of the entire waterfront.

The masterplan attempts to identify two important design issues. Firstly, in which way the new marina facilities network with other port functions (fishing and passengers). Secondly, which new operations are compatible with the functional program and at the same time capable of activating forms of economic investment returns?

Key Facts

Client: Icaro Ecology
Location: Gela, Sicily, Italy
Year: 2012
Services: Feasibility Studies, Land Use Planning
Gela Marina Development

Hence, it was necessary to include in the study data concerning: the benchmarking of relevant examples identifying crucial elements to the development's success, the identification of design alternatives in relation to different scale operations and berth numbers, the delineation of new roadway and their local and territorial relationships; and operation costs through parametric preliminary estimates.

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