Locarno Residential Complex

Locarno Residential Complex

Naturally Artificial

The project site borders Locarno's urban confines; the lot begins to interfere with the natural environment system characterized by large woodlands on Lake Maggiore at the mouth of the Maggia River.

This particular setting has led to a twofold design approach. First urban design aspects introduce the block as a morphological unit with an interior space, recognized and treated as a garden-courtyard. Second, the landscape design considers the intervention as part of a vaster park area making sure that each apartment enjoys the natural setting on all fronts.

Key Facts

Client: Renzetti & Partners SA
Location: Locarno, Switzerland
Floor Area: 12.000 sqm
Services: Architectural Design, Civil Engineering, Landscape Design, Parking Design, Urban Design
Locarno Residential Complex

The ground floor commercial space foreshadows retail and services. It guarantees high permeability not only by garden pathways directly accessible from the housing units but also public sidewalks that lead to the nearby Locarno Lido and local church.

The apartment layouts consent a great degree of flexibility for the real-estate market; they can easily adapt to different customer requirements in all stages of construction. The interior design follows new standards of contemporary living with large sliding glass doors that open onto terraces overlooking the lake and woodlands illuminate the units.

The building's consistent depth defines two distinct areas for each unit, living and bedroom, to be distributed in a rational and independent fashion making use of the double facade exposition and therefore cross ventilation. The penthouses will be set back from the main facade conceding roof top garden-terraces.

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