Malpensa VIP Terminal Building (MXP)

Malpensa VIP Terminal Building (MXP)

Design and development of a new VIP Terminal Building, titled Milano Malpensa Prime

The new Sea Prime terminal will feature state-of-the-art facilities over 1,400m2 for both passengers and crew. The building has been designed as a single-floor building to offer guests a positive customer experience through freedom and assistance from arrival through to departure. The ultimate objective, shared with the client, is to welcome customers into a state of- the-art building that was in line with some of the world best terminals, by offering a highly functional environment that provides travelers and crew with the opportunity to feel both relaxed and comfortable.

The building entrance is covered in panels of painted aluminum sheets with a mother-of-pearl gray to provide a unique glossy and mirroring effect. This also provides a contrast with the dark color of the external covering to give more light to the entrances for welcoming passengers.

From the lobby, passengers enter the security checkpoint through a glass wall with sliding doors. Located here are also the state authority offices responsible for the control of departing and arriving passengers.

Strategically located at the center of the flows, the authorities will maintain security and easily monitor all movements within the terminal building without creating bottlenecks.

Key Facts

Client: Sea Prime
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2017 - 2019
Floor Area: 1.400 sqm
Services: Architectural Design, Structural Engineering, Interior Design, BIM Design
Malpensa VIP Terminal Building (MXP)

The terminal will host five exclusive lounges to meet the needs of different passenger demographics and each one will be characterized by SEA Prime Partners soon to be announced.

A new exclusive car park will also be introduced to provide facilities for 110 parking spaces.

Malpensa VIP Terminal Building (MXP)

Airside facilities will include a dedicated apron, as well as a newly renovated 5,000m2 hanger adjacent to the terminal to host customers’ executive jets.

Finally, in order to provide a unique and lasting impression on the airport’s landscape, great attention have been given to the view of the building from above. The buildings shape, color and coating materials have been chosen considering the perspective of both the pilots and passengers on board incoming or departing planes.

“When developing the terminal building, the well-being of passengers and the crews was the main focal point of the design. The terminal is a single-floor building designed to offer guests maximum freedom and assistance from arrival to departure. Great attention was also given to the view of the building from above, with the shape, color and coating material created with consideration of the perspective of both the pilots and passengers on board an incoming or departing airplane.”

— Giuliana Ledda, Associate Director at One Works

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