Mazara Container Terminal

Mazara Container Terminal

New Hub in the Sicilian Channel

The Mediterranean Sea is a crossroads for the most important freight traffic maritime routes coming from the Far East. The countries that lie along this water basin have a privileged and strategic position, many of which are taking advantage of this unique location.

Italy’s neighboring nations with newly built or planned container terminals include Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Greece, Malta and Spain. Currently no Italian container terminals are located directly on the Sicilian Channel and no Sicilian port meets the required requisites to accommodate Post-panamax type container ships.

Key Facts

Client: Mazara del Vallo Municipality
Location: Mazara del Vallo, Italy
Year: 2009
Services: Accessibility Studies, Capacity Studies, Civil Engineering, Cost Consultancy, Development Phasing, Environmental Studies
Mazara Container Terminal
Mazara Container Terminal
Mazara Container Terminal

The masterplan for the new container port proposed by the Municipality of Mazara represents an authentic opportunity for relevant growth in freight traffic, able to reach an annual volume of nearly 3 million TEU handled cargo.

The port plays an intermediate hub role and is connected to the major logistic ports in the Mediterranean Sea through feeder ships. Its terminal, overlooking the sea, consist of a platform placed out over the existing berths with highly specialized transshipment container handling and redistribution towards the inner distripark of the port area.

The Mazara port is considered strategic for its location on freight traffic routes that avoids severe deviations, the availability of large back port areas, and the possibility to be integrated within the European rail and motorway corridors.

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