Venice Lagoon Cruise Terminal

Venice Lagoon Cruise Terminal

A connecting infrastructure network

Recently raised questions concern the risks associated to the transit of large cruise ships within the Venice Lagoon. The Port Authority, in an effort to find long-term alternatives for locating the terminal cruises outside the lagoon, commissioned One Works to draft a masterplan delineating a more appropriate port and connecting infrastructure network, to support Venice’s important volume of passenger and freight traffic.

The masterplan is a prerequisite for the preparation of the new Port Regulatory Masterplan. A study identified the most suitable location at the mouth of the Venice Lido, taking advantage of existing marine structures, without interfering with areas subject to constraints, and without significant impacts on the beaches and Lido’s environmental system. The scheme allows the port to accommodate six dock terminals and a large body of water intended for large yachts.

Key Facts

Client: APV - Autorità Portuale di Venezia
Location: Venice, Italy
Year: 2015
Services: Accessibility Studies, Capacity Studies, Development Phasing, Feasibility Studies, Functional Layout
Venice Lagoon Cruise Terminal

The realization of a cruise terminal outside the lagoon is possible if backed by a mass transit system through a 24 km waterway, with connections to the Venice International Airport, the maritime station and the train station.

The 17 stations identified will allow for a highly innovative mobility network in the historical city responding also to the needs posed by the large number of tourists who daily flock to Venice.

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